Saturday, November 26, 2016

Batman Beyond #15

Thank the grand universal consciousness that these nauseous hypno guy covers are coming to an end.

If you ever want to realize how desperately pathetic and stupid most people are, just click on any joke made by a relatively famous comedian on Twitter and read the comments. I'm not even talking about the comments where people are angry over their hot take on the tweet! I'm talking about the people who agree with the comedian and think they're adding to the joke with their lonely cries into the abyss. Take this Tweet by Patton Oswalt, for example: "Chex Mix is a vegetable, right?" I know he's asking a question but he obviously doesn't actually give a shit about your hilarious response! Just look at some of the saddoes responding to it:

Loser. It really is disgusting that the Internet has given everybody a voice!

The main problem with the Internet isn't the voice thing; it's that it hasn't given anybody ears. I suppose it wouldn't matter. What's to hear, really, when everybody is screaming at the same time? And even if most people took the time to listen, they'd be too dumb to comprehend what was being said anyway.

Does Twitter have a feature that enables Verified Users to only see Verified User responses? I'd want to be verified for simply that reason! It would certainly clean up all the nutjob responses I wind up rabbit holing into. Why are stupid people and train wrecks so hard to turn away from?

If your response to me calling people stupid and dumb is that I'm being ableist, you can fuck the hell right off. It's like really stupid people have decided the only way to stop people from calling out their lack of intelligence is to claim the other person is gross and disgusting. Just be thankful you're not smart because it's hell living among morons!

I'm really killing this Internet voice thing!

The Review!
Oh for fuck's sake. Terry McGinnis is alive because Tim Drake is in a different version of the future which is like Futures End's version but different because fuck you.

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