Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Batman Beyond #13

Somebody went overboard on the yellow ink.

This comic books has a cover date of August which means it probably came out in May or June. I'm only reading it now because I don't give more than a few shits (and probably not even that many) about Batman Beyond starring Tim Drake. It's like DC Comics decided to make a nonsense world that made no sense (thus the descriptor, "nonsense") and sell it to all of the assholes who read DC Comics. Fools! Oh, I realize I'm one of them! But not anymore. I've dropped Batman Beyond from my pull list because even though I only give a few shits about Tim Drake's Batman Beyond, I give no shits about Terry McGinnis's!

This isn't even going to be a proper review because who cares? Not that any of my reviews are proper reviews. Half the time somebody reads one of my reviews, they wind up more confused about a book than when they didn't know anything at all. This review will be even worse than that so you might want to have a doctor on hand. Is it possible for words to cause strokes? I'm pretty sure they can cause aneurysms because I once met this woman at a party who was so annoyed that I kept pronouncing Linux wrong, that I kept pronouncing Linux wrong. Less than a month later, she was dead from an aneurysm. I'm not bragging about getting away with murder by telling that story! I'm just saying people should be careful listening to me and probably reading my words. Although if you mispronounce anything I write, that's on you!

This issue begins with Tim Drake drowning. I'm tempted to just rip out the last eighteen pages because this seems like a fitting end for a character I don't like who wound up in a depressing future that makes no sense and which DC Comics has completely abandoned with Rebirth. Speaking of Rebirth, didn't Tim Drake's death in Rebirth make this comic book obsolete? Or did Rebirth simply make all of Futures End like a shrug in the fog? Did I steal that line from Edie Brickell?

Philosophy! It's the talk on a cereal box! Religion! A fly on a dog!
I'm not afraid of too many things but I can think of one: a spider with wings! Yeah!

I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't defibrillate a person to save them from drowning!

Tim survives and heads back to the Batcave where Barbara Gordon checks out the suit and says, "It's fine! Whatever happened won't happen again because it was just easy drama to end the first part of this four part story! Now do you want to know how you died in the past?!" I mean, he didn't die! He just disappeared and went into the future. Now all that needs to happen is he needs to get bitten by a vampire, steal a Time Bubble, and head back into the past to start NOWHERE. It had better happen in this comic book because this is my last fucking chance to be right about the identity of Harvest!

Babs explains how the Tim of her reality just disappeared and Batman could never find him. A-ha! So if nobody ever explains anything else about Futures End Tim Drake or where he went, I can claim that he became Harvest! I will never have been proven wrong! I fucking knew I nailed Harvest's identity! Suck on it, Tott Dedell!

Although Babs begins telling the story about how Terry McGinnis decided to solve the Mystery of the Disappearing Boring Robin. I hope he never solves it. Or, if he does, it involves vampires and time travel!

Terry heard some gossip that The Joker killed Tim Drake. So he went to investigate the place that supposedly cremated The Joker. What was he hoping to find? Some burnt, over-sized shoes? What's even more confusing is that Babs sends Tim to the same funeral home to find Rewire! Oh wait. The very next panel explains that. I should probably pay more attention to the comic I don't give more than a few shits about before criticizing it.

The two stories are told at the same time because they're practically the same story or something. It's really artsy! Especially if you're into the kind of thing a robot from the 80s would think was artsy and cutting edge! Remember, in Dan Jurgens' mind, Watchmen has only been out for about a year! Comics are smart again! Maybe not even again. Maybe it was in the eighties when comics became smart for the very first time!

Babs' story ends with the Mystery of the Disappearing Boring Robin still unsolved. That means I was right! Red Robin does become Harvest! I fucking knew it! Grandmaster Comic Book Reader! The other story ends with Rewire revealing his face while some guy in spiral pajamas bro-hugs him. Am I supposed to recognize him? I mean, the next month blurb says, "Terry, Rewired!" So I'm assuming the new Rewire is Terry McGinnis.

What's going to happen to Out of Time Tim Drake now that Terry McGinnis is back and ready to be Batman Beyond again? Maybe this one will also become a vampire named Harvest! That would explain so much if there were actually two Harvests. Or more! I bet every Tim Drake from every timeline wound up becoming Harvest and they all time traveled back to The New 52 where they weren't supposed to because time travel didn't work. So when they realized they broke the laws of the universe because the writers writing them were morons, they decided to team up and begin NOWHERE. Because that's where they belonged! NOWHERE!

The Review!
If I were to review this comic book, I would start by saying I was never interested in Batman Beyond and I've always hated Tim Drake. Then I would say "Can you do math?" and leave it at that.

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