Friday, October 26, 2012

Batwoman #13

I think Steve Trevor knows that Wonder Woman face quite well.

Last issue, Batwoman received the okay from Mr. Bones to ask Wonder Woman for help in defeating Medusa. They began thinking that Medusa was a criminal organization and now Batwoman simply believes Medusa is actually the Medusa of myth. And that means she needs an expert in the field of fighting Gods and Myths and Legends and patriarchal thought.

The issue begins like a Dave Sim comic with a huge block of text next to some static images of Wonder Woman's softest spots. Looks like Batwoman has picked up Wonder Woman and is already crushing hard.

These three panels are Kate sneaking glances at the beautiful Goddess sitting next to her.

Wonder Woman has also been checking out Batwoman in an attempt to assess this mysterious woman that has asked for her help. She hasn't immediately agreed to help Batwoman chase down Medusa. The first thing they need to do is research. The Amazons keep a prison at the bottom of the ocean filled with "mythology's most dangerous villains." Medusa should be locked at the bottom of this prison in Cell #64. If she's not there, everybody is in trouble.

And right from the outset, things look bad. No sentry. Corpses everywhere, both of guards and monsters. They eventually encounter a wounder Minotaur, one of the sentries of the maze.

I wonder if this is the same Minotaur from Wonder Woman #0.

Before the Minotaur can give them any useful information, they're overrun by 10-100 Giant Centipedes. Batwoman passes out from fear or poison or simply the weight of them.

Meanwhile, Director Bones and Chase discuss what they're going to do if Batwoman doesn't return from the mission and back into the fold.

I scanned this simply because I liked the touch of Chase having removed the pickles from her burger.

Wonder Woman has also become trapped beneath the centipedes. She ends up having a conversation with Nyx, Goddess of Night, freed by Medusa to guard the prison against anyone returning. With a little help from the DEO's gadgets, Batwoman is able to take advantage of the typical "one last Bat-chance," blinding the Goddess and enabling her and Wonder Woman to escape.

Entering a dungeon with 50 feet of rope as your only equipment is a sure way to roll up a new character. Even if the stupid rope is magic.

After they escape, they travel to find one of Medusa's sons, Pegasus. He's currently not a winged horse, if he ever truly was one. Perhaps the myth of Bellerophon meant something completely different when that hero mounted Pegasus before fighting the chimera. And perhaps it's not the heat and the rough centuries but this mounting that is the reason Pegasus looks as bad as he currently does.

Man, Pegasus really should get that demigod STD checked out.

Batwoman #13 Rating: +1 Ranking. Not only is the story fun and interesting and well-written, the art and the layout are just beautiful. J.H. Williams is quickly becoming my favorite artist in The New 52.

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