Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonder Woman #13

Last non-zero issue, Zola had just given birth and Hermes had stolen the baby. Hera discovered she was mortal. Lennox found that funny. Wonder Woman swore to get Zola's baby back. And Apollo had taken the throne of Olympus.

This issue begins in Antarctica where a team of scientists have been searching for someone in the ice. And they've finally found him, thawed and naked. At first he speaks "Old Portugese" [sic], DC's alien language given the misspelled name "Old Portugese" in an issue of Swamp Thing by some Amazonian natives infected by The Rot. But this strange giant the scientists found knows a way to learn English quickly.

Not ideal for the teacher but effective.

This giant claims to be "The One With No Name. The Crippler of Souls. The First Born." Sounds to me like he has three names. Whoever this guy is, he ditches the scientists who wanted to help him and marches off to gods know where. Actually, the gods don't know where he's going or that he's even awake! I imagine he's going to cause them a lot of trouble.

On Olympus, Apollo is meeting with all of the Gods who are children of Zeus to warn them about the prophecy that one of Zeus's children will kill a God for their throne.

Ha ha! Wonder Woman can beat you all up.

Back in London, Wonder Woman and Lennox are trying to figure out a plan to get Zola's child back without the help of a god, seeing as how Hermes betrayed them. Lennox has an idea.

Aha! So Lennox is a demigod like Wonder Woman. And there are five others about their age.

Oops. I mean there are three others their age! Apparently two of them have been killed by jealous Hera. But Lennox knows one named Siracca who he thinks can help them. But Wonder Woman has to go on a quest to find her. Which she does! The quest and the finding both!

I'm not sure she wants to help though.

Wonder Woman #13 Rating: No change. Good comic books don't always make for good commentary. I just wanted to keep reading this and then I'd half-assed sum up the plot and scan a picture simply so I could get back to the story! But that's okay because Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 is up next and Lobdell's writing is spectacularly bad. That translates into lots and lots of jokes and me getting very, very angry! Good times!

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