Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoilers Ahead: Dragnet 1967

I think Joe Friday is a big liar. He's supposed to be showing us why policemen should be trusted but he can't even give us straight facts. In Episode 2, The Big Explosion, he claims that every day, 1000 new people crowd into Los Angeles and that 3 Million People were there before them.

Then in Episode 5, The Big Masked Bandits, he states that the city is home to only 2.5 million people and that only 5000 more crowd in every month as opposed to about 30,000 as he claimed earlier!

I'm starting to think he's just making everything up as he goes.

Super Dragnet Fact #1: The stories are based on true events. And you can tell that this isn't just some bullshit because of the high level of detail Joe Friday goes into about every aspect of the story, from the traffic routes to the time tables of events to the description of everybody involved. No writer could make up all of that great detail!

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