Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Let's just be clear where I stand: Black Lives Matter; we need to fire all police and start over with applicants who don't murder and beat citizens simply because they fear they'll face repercussions (which they don't even face at the moment anyway) but won't murder and beat citizens because it's fucking wrong; and Donald Trump is a moron and a disaster of a human being.

I'm pretty sure regular followers of my blog already knew my stance on these things; I definitely don't hide them in the reviews. But I just wanted it stated plainly. Anybody still voting Republican has stated plainly what they think America should be and the rest of us will make it plain how we feel about that.

One more thing about Trump being a moron. If you took almost any citizen of the country and wiped their memory of the context of Trump and who he is and what he now stands for, and you showed them a speech by Trump (maybe one that isn't full of racist dog whistles so the viewer can't think, "Oh hey! I get this guy!" Maybe the one about windmills causing cancer), they'd almost certainly look at you aghast and say, "Is this guy retarded?" I'm assuming that the mind wipe caused the person to also forget that you're not supposed to use that word. So after shaming them and teaching them not to use the R-word, they'll probably nod in understanding and say, "Is this guy mentally disabled?" Then after you're done face palming and having another discussion with them, they'll say, "But you called him a moron? How is that different?" Then you'll tug at the neck of your t-shirt and gulp loudly and say, "This interview is over!"

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