Sunday, November 11, 2018

Strangers in Paradise XXV #7

It looks like this should be called Strangers in Sparadises.

Terry Moore's newest take on the Strangers in Paradise women will almost certainly get your mind going with some serious questions. Like "Why are so many people in America fighting against a better country for all?" and "If gun lovers don't want to lose all access to guns, why aren't they striving for a solution to decrease gun violence instead of just shrugging their shoulders and saying, 'What can you do?'" and "If people in the media jokingly use racist gestures and Nazi dog whistles to piss off liberals, is it really any different than using them in earnest?" and "Isn't saying you're joking and not being earnest the best way to hide your earnest use of racist memes and turns of phrase?" and "This isn't a question but the modern Republican party is full of white supremacists."

It might also make you ask, "Who the fuck makes a pure black cover on a comic book since it instantly becomes a mass of greasy fingerprints?!" I mean, come on, Terry Moore! This might be the most important issue in America today! Stop making black comic book covers! Grade: A. Spoiler for the fans who just like lesbians: Katchoo and Francine haven't really interacted in this series. If this is a love story, it's more about a mother's love for her children. So this series might not be up your alley. Unless you're a sex pest with incestual tendencies! I mean, this book still won't be for you unless you're ready to work your severely warped imagination overtime.

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